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Since we began several years ago, the Manningtree and District Food Bank has been able to help many individuals and families that have experienced various difficulties and just need some help to ‘turn the corner’.


All it takes is a sudden, unexpected event - a bereavement, illness, redundancy and loss of a job to throw people into a genuine crisis.


The Food Bank provides people with essential food supplies at a time when they need them most, covering the days or sometimes weeks before other parts of the social care infrastructure can come into play. PEABODY is also available to talk to you about any benefit, housing or financial problems.


The Food Bank relies entirely on donations of food and money from local schools, churches, organisations and individuals and every single item or penny given makes a difference.


Our Food Bank is manned by volunteers from in and around the area.

Manningtree and District Foodbank is a private limited company registered at Companies House ref 8848738.


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